Why Is Regenerative Detoxification Important?

You want to be yourself, don't you?  "Normal" lifestyles are disharmonious with Natural Laws, causing toxicity to build up in the mind and body, preventing the true you from shining through.   

Being free from toxic interference means being free to function at peak performance.  Within 30-90 days you reach your optimal weight, you allow your body to regenerate any organs or tissues damaged by disease or injury, and your brain becomes a happy-chemical manufacturing plant that keeps you high off your own supply.

What we commonly call disease is simply your body's expression of having to deal with a toxic overload.  As the mind and body become more 'gunked up', tiredness becomes chronic fatigue and depression, while aches and pains become degenerative diseases.

So, whether you're just feeling sluggish or are already experiencing disease symptoms, the first thing you want to do is take up a quality protocol of thorough detoxification.

Most people are afraid to walk this transformational path to true wellness; they still believe in magic pills and choose to surrender responsibility for their health to the pharmaceutical cartels.  For the few who are ready to place their health in the hands of the only true healer - Nature - CityDetox is here to make the journey as fun and painless as possible.

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