Phase 2: Detox

Once the floodgates of dietary toxic intake are closed off via your Juice-Feast Reset, it’s time to follow through with cellular detoxification and flush out any toxins that may have been accumulating in your body for years.  Toxic accumulation affects the waste-nutrient exchange function of cell membranes, causing inflammation and prevention of nutrients from entering the cell.  Remember, it’s not how much food you consume, it’s how much of it gets absorbed and utilised by your cells.
This toxic buildup is the main reason why our society is overfed yet malnourished.  If the membrane of the cell is clogged, the cell will continue to starve and send hunger signals to your brain, no matter how much you eat.  If you’ve ever wondered why you’re constantly hungry, now you know.  Toxins within the cell must be released to enable the cells to efficiently expel waste and take in nutrients.
Once the accumulated toxins are released and are no longer blocking the cell membrane pores, the cells will be free to absorb a sufficient amount of oxygen and other nutrients.  Less becomes more, which is truly the secret to eating, as proven by modern research.  A 30% decrease in food intake results in a whopping 30% increase in life span.
Say goodbye to the days you felt constantly hungry, but rarely ever satisfied.  Combined with your health-building new diet, you will find that your body has reached a healthy weight in a few weeks time, that your skin is glowing and all that your organ systems have been rejuvenated.