1-Day Juice-Feast Reset

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1-Day Juice-Feast Reset

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This single-day option is useful when you're just testing the juicy waters or when your lifestyle habits are already so on point that you just need a minor course correction... a little fine-tuning... to make your dietary habits even more enviable. 


    • Fine-tune an existing, clean diet
    • Conserve energy (fresh juice requires virtually zero digestive efforts, whereas digesting solid food is a tremendous physiological burden) 
    • Improve mental clarity 
    • Boost immunity 
    • Flood body with nature's most bio-available, unadulterated nutrients
    • Promote detoxification
    • Free up schedule and save on food! (don't worry about what to eat all day!)


    • 3 L of fresh juice (same day prep) - 6 famous flavours
    • Consultation with a certified detox specialist

In summary, if your dietary habits are already pretty good but you feel yourself slipping slightly, one day of juice-feasting can be all you need to bring you right back on track.

"If you just keep cramming food down your mouth, you’ll just get more tired. Your body has to digest large amounts of food, and it’s the opposite of what you should do when you’re not well.”  - Dr. Richard Schulze ("curing" the "incurable"  through detoxification since 1973)

*There is no such thing as cure. The most we can ever do for our health is get out of the way of nature's normal functioning by detoxifying.  Without obstructions (toxins), your body re-balances itself. Nature is the only true healer!