5-Day Juice-Feast Reset
5-Day Juice-Feast Reset
5-Day Juice-Feast Reset

City Detox

5-Day Juice-Feast Reset

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    • Reduce unhealthy food cravings
    • Increase healthy food cravings
    • Decrease appetite
    • Increase energy
    • Improve mental clarity
    • Increase productivity
    • Boost immunity
    • Flood cells with ideal nutrients
    • Increase pH (alkalinity)
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Promote detoxification


    • 3 L fresh juice, 6 flavors
    • 1 L mineralized alkaline water
    • 500 ml kombucha detox tea

Once you start juice-feasting, it takes approximately 24-72 hours for all solid food to leave your digestive tract.  After it has cleared out, the digestive system is able to rest entirely, resulting in advanced energy management and GI tract rejuvenation.

This 5-Day juice-feast takes you into deep water in terms of your reset.  It is safe to say that after going 5 days without solid sustenance, your relationship to food will drastically change.  The good news is that the most challenging days are often the first 3, and the following days are filled with a sense of lightness, bliss and euphoria that is unique to juice-feasting.

You can expect to shed 5 - 8 lbs of fat during your 5-Day Juice-Feast Reset and it doesn’t end there!  With the help of the meal plan suggestions provided in the CityDetox Natural Rituals Manual, you will be able to steadily keep melting away fat until you reach your desired weight.