Self-healing body

The body is a miraculous contraption that will likely never be fully understood by science because it is as vast as the universe itself. A hundred trillion cells performing trillions of physiological functions per second working in unison to keep us alive is beyond scientific understanding. 

Just take a look at this animation of how the body heals a wound.

When was the last time you supervised one of these processes?  Do you need to know how it works in order for it take place?  No.  All you need to do is not interfere and support it through common sense, which unfortunately isn't all that common these days, as evident by most people's health-impairing lifestyles.  As the late, great Dr. Christopher used to say, "If man was meant to know how it all works, microscopes would grow on trees".

We don't have to dissect nature to understand it. The principles of health are easily understood by simply observing. The trouble is that we are so far removed from our natural living environment that what many consider natural - isn't!  So, people are left wondering why all the ailments.  

To reap the benefits of your body's impeccable self-healing mechanism, simply get out of the way.  This is what detoxification is all about.  Sound overly simple?  There is genius and beauty in simplicity.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."
- Confucious

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