Vitamin C


Nearly all mammals, reptiles and amphibians synthesise their own vitamin C.  Goats for example, are noted to produce as much as 100 grams of vitamin C daily when faced with infections or toxins.

What about humans?

Due to an apparent genetic defect, we do not have the ability to synthesize any vitamin C whatsoever.

Vitamin C is said to be most important molecule in the body after water.  It is responsible for all wound healing and the formation of collagen - the most important protein of connective tissue.  It acts as a delivery mechanism for carrying electrical energy into the cell, and is the strongest known antioxidant. 

There is no known toxin that can survive in the presence of enough vitamin C.  

The three types of vitamin C available for consumption are:

1. Whole food, natural vitamin C


  • The optimal and most bioavailable form of vitamin C
  • Contains the full vitamin C complex as it appears in nature, allowing for full absorption and maximum effectiveness


  • You would have to eat a hundred oranges per day to get a few grams of vitamin C, so superfoods like camu camu or acerola berries are necessary to reach the desired high doses in a practical way

2. Ascorbic acid 


  • Cheap


  • Synthetic vitamin C that's usually extracted from GMO corn
  • Effective when injected intravenously, otherwise has very low absorbability
  • Oral use absorption is estimated to be as low as 10%
  • Hard on the kidneys in high doses
  • Many experts refuse to accept it as being real vitamin C:

 3. Liposomal Vitamin C


  • Ascorbic acid orally administered using liposomal technology for allegedly higher absorption rates than ascorbic acid alone


  • Expensive
  • No solid proof of effectiveness
  • No uplifting effect on mood as is the case with natural vitamin C (camu camu has shown to be as effective as Prozak at elevating seratonin levels)
“The use of doses of tens of thousands of milligrams of vitamin C per day is the most unacknowledged successful research in medicine.”
- Andrew Seul, Phd
“Vitamin C is an absolute antitoxin.  At this point in time, mainstream medicine sadly is clueless on the fact that virtually all diseases circulate around the concept of unneutralized toxins. ”
- Dr. Thomas E. Levy
“The medical literature has ignored over 80 years of laboratory and clinical studies on high-dose vitamin C therapy.” - Andrew Seul, Phd
“Vitamin C is the second most important molecule in the body. The first is water. So if you don’t have enough of these don’t even bother with the other stuff. Start at the foundation, the bottom of the pyramid and then start fine tuning with other things.”
- Dr. Thomas E. Levy
“Toxins consume vitamin C.  When you keep your vitamin C levels low enough for long enough, you invite every chronic degenerative disease there is to set up shop; the big two are heart disease and cancer.” - Dr. Thomas E. Levy
“Most vitamin C research has used inadequate, low doses.  Low doses do not get clinical results.  Investigators using vitamin C in high doses have consistently reported excellent results.” - Andrew Seul, Phd
“Vitamin C can truthfully be designated as the antitoxic and antiviral vitamin.”
(C.W. Jungeblut, M.D.)
“Vitamin C is a specific antagonist of chemical and bacterial toxins.” - William J. McCormick M.D.
“Vitamin C is the world’s best natural antibiotic, antiviral, antitoxin and antihistamine. The importance of vitamin C cannot be overemphasised.”
- Andrew W. Saul, PhD
“Adults taking at least 10 grams of vitamin C daily, and children under ten at least one gram for each year of life will find that the brain will be clearer, the mind more active, the body less wearied and the memory more retentive.” - Dr. Klenner
“In arthritis at least 10 grams daily and those taking 15 to 25 grams daily will experience commensurate benefit. Supportive treatment must also be given. Repair of collagenous tissue is dependent of adequate ascorbic acid.”. - Dr. Klenner
Cholesterol not a problem when daily intake of Vitamin C is high - Dr. Levy

“Of all the toxicities and poisonings i’ve seen, 100% were completely and totally neutralized and cured by prompt enough, vigorous enough use of vitamin C.” -Dr. Thomas Levy
“All toxins cause oxidative damage by taking electrons away from the tissue.  If vitamin C is there right away, it can restore electrons to the tissue and reverse the damage.” - Dr. Thomas Levy
“I researched over 100 different toxins.  100% showed that toxins are pro-oxidant. 100% of the toxicity of a toxins is its ability to induce oxidation. Because of this pro-o effect, toxins consume vitamin C and other antioxidants.” - Dr. Thomas Levy
“Electrons are the fuel of the cell. Vitamin C gives the cell electrons.” - Dr. Thomas Levy  
“Vitamin C will virtually never fail you if you take enough of it in enough forms.” - Dr. Thomas Levy
“Vitamin C will go inside cancer cells and donate electrons. This is how vitamin C kills cancer cells.” - Dr. Thomas Levy


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