Juice-Fast Dietary Reset

The human body is a phenomenal, self-healing machine.  Its one-hundred trillion cells perform billions of physiological functions each second without our awareness.  The inner workings of cells are insanely complex and inexplicably well orchestrated.  Luckily, according to the world's most effective healers, it is not necessary to go down the rabbit hole of dissecting nature to achieve good health - we just have to stop interfering with its divine design. 
"If we were meant to understand how it all works, microscopes would grow on trees."
- Dr. John R. Christopher
The most common way we interfere with the body’s intended functioning is through our eating habits.  Everyone knows that eating clean and not overeating is beneficial, yet dieting has proven to be ineffective in the long run.  The average diet lasts 4 days  because it forces you to fight against wicked cravings day in and day out, making life miserable and usually leads to binge eating followed by an inevitable dose of self-loathing. 
The smarter solution is to subdue or completely break those cravings first, using the ancient practices of fasting or juice-feasting.  Both are nature’s version of a gastric bypass.  Juice-feasting is more popular because you can go about your day feeling full and energized; there is no extreme discomfort associated with consuming zero nutrients as is the case with traditional fasting.  Yet, just like fasting, juice-feasting allows your GI tract to completely rest.  This “vacation” for the digestive system has been practiced through fasting since the dawn of humanity for various reasons. 
One of the benefits of a rested and rejuvenated digestive system is the evolution of cravings that takes place.  Juice-feasting is sort of like a natural gastric bypass, 100% staple free!  It results in a dietary reset but also a clean cravings slate.  This makes it surprisingly easy to adopt healthy eating habits because underneath all the cravings corrupted by toxicity, natural food is what your body truly wants.  Why not start fresh by freeing yourself from the ball and chain of detrimental food cravings?
 Upon completing a 1-7 day juice-feast, you will be among the elite few who have caught an illuminating glimpse of the ancient magic of fasting.  You will probably notice that your relationship to food has suddenly changed.  The heavy, processed foods you may currently salivate over will begin to appear too greasy, too salty or too sweet for your enjoyment (yes, this actually happens).  
On top of that, you will rediscover your innate appreciation for natural, unprocessed foods.  Can you see how this is a total game-changer when it comes to adopting healthy eating habits?  What you would have previously defined as a diet becomes a virtually effortless and enthusiastic stream of healthy dietary choices. Just imagine... years of detrimental habits broken within a matter of 1-7 days. That’s the power of a Juice-Feast Reset and it works using the built-in, natural, restorative ability of your own body.
Experience juice-feasting and not only will you be among the courageous few who have felt the illuminating magic of fasting, but you will also receive a plethora of other benefits attributed to juice-feasting. Fresh, organic juice is one of the most nutrient-dense and bioavailable foods in existence.  It floods your body with nature’s ideal, bioelectric fuel.  Each day of juice-feasting delivers the nutrients extracted from 12-15 lbs of vegetables, herbs and fruits, which would otherwise be practically impossible to consume in a day, so you can relinquish any notion of deprivation or starvation.   

Juice-feasting is also an advanced energy-management technique.  It gives your body a valuable opportunity to direct much more energy than usual toward cleansing and repairing itself.  The everyday burden of digestion consumes a tremendous amount of energy; just think of becoming sleepy after a large meal. On the contrary, fresh juice requires virtually no digestive effort thanks to its great bioavailability. Combined with the raw nutrients it delivers, juice-feasting results in a simultaneous influx and conservation of energy.  

The legendary Jack Lananne, fitness guru and avid juicer of fruits and vegetables - never steroids

This high-energy state is unique to juice-feasting and your body will take advantage of it by going into “advanced repair mode”.  It sets the perfect stage for the implementation of a detox elixir.  Without being overshadowed by the energetic burden of digestion and/or dietary toxins, a detox elixir will have a more pronounced effect on the areas of your body that are in need of detoxification and regeneration.  Otherwise, a detoxification attempt can be likened to cleaning a house during a dust storm without closing the windows first.  In the words of Dr. Higgins,  "you can't dry off while you're still in the shower", meaning that you can't repair your body without addressing the daily onslaught of toxins that promote that tissue damage or illness.  Stop the toxic exposure then repair, and nothing stops the onslaught of toxins better than juice-feasting.

"Juice Fasting gets maximum nutrition into your body and maximum waste out! It is the most powerful food program for detoxification. When you are sick, the best way to assist your body to heal itself is to stop eating ALL solid food. Many foods can take eight hours or more to digest and this takes a lot of energy away from your body trying to heal itself—energy that can be better used in healing. It also takes a lot of blood to run your entire digestive system, blood that can be used more efficiently to heal you.” - Dr. Richard Schulze

“People have said to me, “What do I do for this particular disease?” Juice fasting. “What do I do for degeneration?” Juice fasting. “What do I do for heart disease?” Juice fasting.  It allows your body to rest – and it lets your body choose what it wants to heal.” -Dr. Richard Schulze

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