Alkalinity and Acidity


What constitutes the Universe?

It is the interplay between opposites: yin and yang, male and female, hard and soft, creation and destruction, Heaven and Earth, light and darkness, cold and warmth, good and evil, alkalinity and acidity.

The polar nature of our universe calls for balance, so it is not surprising that the pH of healthy blood measures at around 7.3 on the 1 to 14 pH scale. That's right about middle.  Even the slightest deviation from this narrow range stops normal cell functioning.  A single integer above or below this balance causes immediate death.

Your body continually strives to maintain this delicate balance.  It will do so in remarkable ways and you can either help it or hinder it.

You help it with sufficient oxygenation, hydration, natural sleeping, natural eating, detoxification, and relaxation. 

The living foods are fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that conveniently appear in their alkaline state on the surface of our planet.  These foods are killed, denatured or acidified by cooking, frying, grilling, smoking, sauteing, pasteurizing, or by anything else that changes their original, chemical composition.

Most modern humans have gotten into the habit of consuming dead food.  It causes the pH of blood to drop, forcing the body to scramble to re-balance it.  It does this beautifully, but at the expense of precious energy.  Eating dead foods is not smart energy management.  We are the only animal on the planet that exudes this behavior, and we do it to the extent that it's actually considered odd not to.  

It's all reminiscent of this famous monkey experiment:

If you’re forcing your body to become overburdened in its constant effort of neutralizing acids, the pH will begin to drop. When arterial blood pH drops below 7.35, the condition is called acidosis.

Fact: ALL cancer patients have acidosis.

Cancer cells can only thrive in an acidic cellular environment and cannot survive in an alkaline cellular environment.  Dr. Otto Warburg discovered this in 1923 and was awarded the Nobel prize in 1931.  

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If you're like most people with a lifetime of detrimental dietary habits under your belt, the key to successfully adopting an alkaline diet for the long-term is to break your harmful dietary habits cold-turkey, which for most, is best accomplished using juice-feasting.  

This modified form of traditional water-fasting is a highly effective technique for creating a clean cravings slate.  Once the habit-induced cravings for acidic foods have been broken, alkaline foods begin to taste good.  From that point on, maintaining a disease-eradicating, high-energy, age-defying body is fun and enjoyable.

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